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Limited Edition Gift Tins


Our brief was to produce premium gift packs for the Christmas 2006 market and beyond without being too festive or gimmicky. The designs needed to reflect the stature of a brand that was market leader, marry the range of four variants and be accessible to all key markets, including France, Germany, Australia and the UK. We faced the additional challenges of working with the existing production set up and creating something that would work in tin and card.

The creative concept was based on the layers of taste to be found in each of the varieties, something we called ‘visual tasting notes’. Hence, the colours in the blended vignettes reflected the tastes in each bottle label. There was a significant increase in the number of global markets taking each variant as a result of the packaging design. This was most dramatic in the uptake of the premium variants with the number of markets ordering the 15 year-old Solera and 18 year-old Ancient Reserve increasing significantly.

We were also delighted when this project won us a MPMA (Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association) award, topping the Promotional and Giftware category.